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BUYING INFORMATION - For serious buyers/traders only:

I'm in the US. Shipping outside the US will have additional costs. Apparently I needed to clarify that with some people...

All prices are slightly negotiable. Prices DO NOT include shipping so expect around $2-5 for shipping costs! My pics aren't the greatest, so ask me for more details or better measurements if needed! I will model items only if I feel you are a serious buyer. If an item is listed as pending, ask about it if you are interested in case the transaction falls through. First come first serve basis with all my items, but if you slack or get lazy responding, I will let the next person in line have it! If there is a lot of interest in a product, I do reserve the right to open it up to bidding. You can avoid bidding by showing me you're serious about an item and paying ASAP!

-I hate people who waste my time. If you don't respond back on a comment and you're clearly leaving me hanging, you will be blacklisted. If you lead me on & on & ask for measurements & then some, but then you have some bogus reason for not following through at the last minute, you will be blacklisted. I might sound mean, but the longer I do this, the more I run into people screwing with other people. I'm a full-time college student & nearly full-time worker, and I don't have time for that BS.

***I live in a home with two Labrador Retrievers. You've been warned if you have allergies. I also try to lint roll everything before I send it out, but you might still have a couple dog hairs on something! On the plus side, no one smokes in my home!***

My Paypal addy is:

I prefer PAYPAL to all methods of payment. This is for mine AND your best interest.

However, if you would like to pay with cash, check, or money order, that is okay. Just be aware that NOTHING SHIPS WITHOUT CLEARED PAYMENT, no matter which way you choose to pay.

You send concealed cash at your own risk! I'm not responsible for any lost mail, so if I were you and wanted to avoid the "he said she said" game of whether a trade or cash made it to me, I'd use certified mail or PAYPAL! I'm an honest person and would never steal, but I'd rather not put myself in the position to be accused of it in the first place.

I can make it to the PO almost any day of the week, so the sooner you send payment the quicker you get your item. I will let you know if I cannot go to the PO the day I receive your money (usually due to tests in school, work, etc.). [EDIT] I am currently without a car and am a full time student and worker. It may take up to a week to ship your order, but I will communicate and let you know if that's the case. Please let me know if you absolutely NEED something shipped right away and I will be able to work it out.

AGAIN, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ITEMS LOST IN THE MAIL. Once items are in the P.O.'s hands, they are no longer my responsibility. I always get a receipt to prove I sent something and you should too. That receipt marks the end of my part of the transaction. If you want further assurance, YOU MUST BUY delivery confirmation, insurance, etc. and add it to the total purchase price. If we are trading and my part gets lost in the mail and you failed to purchase insurance, I still expect you to send my part and/or for me to keep your part that I received. NO EXCEPTIONS. I'm not playing this game of "I didn't get your stuff so I'm not sending yours or I want mine back". I expect the same in reverse order. Bottom line: If you can't prove that you sent something to me, it's like you never sent it at all and I will want my money back or will not ship my part of a trade.

My email address is if you don't feel comfortable sharing information on LJ.

Please leave feedback and I will return the favor! I have more feedback listed on Ebay miss_leilani.

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NOTICE: If you are planning to use a debit/credit card for your Paypal purchase, please factor in the transaction fees. Use this calculator to do it: For now on, if you do not account for your fees, I will send the money back and have you resend it with the correct amount including the fees. I've lost almost $10 on fees!


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